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cns post on October 24th, 2012

Green School News 2012


Croagh N.S. was awarded its second green flag and this was raised during a celebration at the school in June 2012. The second flag is for energy conservation.

The Green School Committee, would like to invite you to try and conserve energy at home too. Any reduction in energy consumption saves our environment and can save some money .
To begin with you can use this simple guide to work out your electricity usage at home. You can then compare before and after you have followed the Golden Energy Rules.

Pick a day to read the numbers on the meter.
One week later record the numbers again.
Deduct one from the other to work out how many units used in a week in Kwh.
Figure out what your home uses per day by dividing by the number of days you measured.
If you wish you can work it out per person by dividing by the number of people in your house.

You can apply this to your oil and gas consumption as well. After you have followed the ‘Golden Energy Rules’ you may like to re-check your usage and you should see a change in your energy consumption. We would love to hear about it.

Golden Energy Rules
If you are not using it, Switch it off.
Plug out appliances completely.
Don’t leave appliances on stand-by.
Keep doors closed.
Close the blinds and curtains at night.
If the room is too warm turn down the heating.
Turn off the lights as soon as the room is bright enough.
Take showers not baths.
Use cfl bulbs.
Block any draughts under doors or around windows.
Keep radiators clear and clean.
Adjust the heating timer according to the weather and seasons.
Leave the windows closed if the heating is on.
Use a thermometer to maintain a room at around 18 degrees.

Interesting Energy Facts.
-The recommended temperature for a room is 18 degrees for a classroom and 15 degrees for corridors and bathrooms. Every one degree increase in temperature above these will add up to 10% to the cost of heating bills.
-All the energy stored in the Earth’s reserves of coal, oil and natural gas equal the energy from 20 days of sunshine.
-Wind turbines can capture between 20% and 40% of the energy in the wind.
-Hydropower is still the most significant source of renewable energy, providing more than 97% all electricity generated by renewable resources.
-Iceland gets 45% of its energy from geothermal energy, which is natural heat under the earth’s surface.
-Ireland imports over 90% of its fuel supplies and relies on oil to provide for up to 60% of fuel alone.
-Renewable energy can reduce pollution, global warming, dependence on imported fuels and create jobs.
-It is estimated that we only have enough oil in the world for another 40 years.
-By turning your appliance off stand- by you can save 20% of your usage.
-A photocopier left on overnight wastes enough energy to make 5,400 A4 copies.
-A PC monitor left on overnight wastes enough energy to laser print 800 A4 sheets of paper.
-The standby facility uses around 25% of the machines daily consumptions.
-Products carrying the EU Eco-Label guarantee to have a reduced impact on the environment.
-A dripping tap can waste up to 90 litres a day.
-One CFL bulb can reduce your lighting costs by up to E60.

Green School News October 2011
The Green School Committee is working hard to retain the first green flag and the committee continues to remind all members of the school community about litter, waste and recycling. A recycling drive was organised in September where used textiles were collected.
The committee continues to collect unwanted phones, batteries and cards each week.

The second green campaign encourages awareness about energy consumption. A survey has been undertaken by the committee regarding conservation of heat energy. Each day the committee issue reminders to close doors and windows, and to switch off electrical items that are not in use. For tips on how to save energy in the home check out .

Green School News June 2011
Following our success of last year and achieving our First Green flag we have started on the road to our second flag. We have set up a new Green School Committee and have welcomed new members from First Class. We are keeping up the hard work in the theme of ‘Recycling and Waste’. We are still shredding, composting and collecting batteries and stamps. We have found a great new way to recycle old cards and that is to take them to The Brothers of Charity in Newcastle West where they will be put to great use. We also have clothes collections every once in a while.

Our theme for this year is Energy. Following the 7 step programme we have
1- set up our Energy Committee, made up of children, teachers, parents and a coordinator, who meet once a week.
2- We are now working on our Energy Survey.
* We recorded the electricity units used in the school for the month of November. We wrote down the number of units at the beginning and end of November and worked out what we used in the month. once we have carried out the changes in the coming year we will compare the units after next November.
*Children from the committee are surveying the energy uses at school at the moment.they are checking out our heating, our electricity, our appliances, our windows and insulation and are we wasting water. When we have gathered all the information we need and worked out where we are wasting energy and how much its costing us we will start work on step 3 the Action Plan. this will be a list of all the changes we will make in the school, students and teachers alike.