Learning at home

Welcome to the new section on the Croagh N.S. website. Hopefully you will find some activities that will help you over the next little while. At the moment, the first section has some websites that can be used for accessing information in a variety of subject areas. Further down this page, resources are organised by subject area and we will be adding to this page. It is strongly advised that grown ups monitor children’s use of this page, as pop ups, particularly in videos, are beyond our control. If children have created art work/inventions/poems etc., we would love to see them. 

There are resources in this section to support the development of language and literacy skills. 

In this section you will find games to help with revision of maths skills and concepts, technology which can be used to create graphs, and most importantly, problems that need to be solved.

In this section there are links to some videos for activities that can be done indoors. There are videos by The Body Coach who is creating new PE lessons every day while everybody is at home. These videos are on YouTube. There is a link to the Go Noodle website and some Go Noodle videos on YouTube. You will also find the 10 at 10 videos from RTE Junior, which were designed for Operation Transformation. 

‘Let your art speak your mind’. There are some links here that might be helpful. They might be useful to get an idea. The most important thing about art is the exploration, the engagement and the enjoyment. 



Is there something you’ve been trying to draw and just can’t figure out how to draw it? Art for kids hub have lots of step by step drawing videos that might be useful. Click here to see their channel.  Click on the link above to see some of their videos. 

Mr. Willems is an illustrator. He is the artist in residence at the John F. Kennedy Centre in Washington. As he cannot go to work there at the moment, he makes a new video every day which shows children how to doodle. If you click on the picture, it will take you to the website where his videos are posted every day. 

Ms. Stevens is an art teacher in the USA. She is really good at explaining her work step by step and she has been developing her own channel on Youtube for a long time. It’s good to look at other people’s ideas for inspiration.  if you click on her photo, you will see her videos.