Discover Primary Science and Mathematics 2018

cns post on April 27th, 2018


Step 1: Science


  • Living Things: Caterpillars to butterflies- How long does it take for a caterpillar to grow and turn into a butterfly?

  • Energy and Forces-Electricity- Design and make a Christmas card which lights up
  • Energy and Forces-Heat

  • Materials-Properties and characteristics-What materials are waterproof?

  • Materials-What materials will dissolve in water?
  • Environmental awareness and care- How to make polluted water clean.

Science Week Event

Step 2:


Powerpoint presentation on electricity

Using excel to analyse data and construct graphs.

Step 3

Visit from an engineer


Design and make a marble run: Engineers week activity

Step 4

Analysis of data collected during experiments

Develop a maths trail in the school

Step 5

STEM Showcase

A showcase afternoon was held on 27th April where parents were invited to attend and children showcased their work.




Children showed their marble-run designs to other children in the school.