Junior Entrepreneur 2019

cns post on April 27th, 2020

Again we decided to enter the Junior Entrepreneur in this school year. As always the students of the senior room gave it their all. This programme takes place over many many weeks and months and involves all the subjects- but above all is the social benefit to the students who fully engage with it. Ideas were debated, presentations to dragons were made and in the end everybody rowed in behind the idea of a cookery book. Decision made but then the debate arose as to what type of book we could produce and ask people to support. Must argument, debate, including, deleting and consciences later a beautiful book was produced and launched by the senior room. The work that the students put in was of the highest quality and as a result the finished product was something to be very proud of. Like always the profits or losses are the responsibility of the class but here again they put in a mighty effort to sell all of the books as their profits were based on selling all of the products.