‘THE MACERENA’ at 6.30 p.m. on TUESDAY, 23rd JUNE, 2020. Please SAVE THIS DATE!

cns post on June 12th, 2020
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Dear Parents,

Hope you are all keeping well. As you know this year, due to COVID 19 we unable to celebrate the

6th Class Graduation in the usual way. This year, to celebrate their Graduation  we have come up with a few new ideas. We hope you will ALL GET INVOLVED and GIVE THEM A GOOD SEND OFF.

We have contacted LIMERICK LIVE 95 and they are very enthusiastic about helping us. They are going to PLAY a brilliant ACTION SONG called ‘THE MACERENA’ at 6.30 p.m. on TUESDAY, 23rd JUNE, 2020.


HERE IS HOW WE WANT YOU TO GET INVOLVED. When YOU HEAR THIS SONG being played, we WANT EVERYONE IN THE SCHOOL (from Junior infants to 6th class) to JOIN IN & DANCE WITH THE SONG. Spread the word and get your neighbours, relations involved too! You can do the dance in your kitchens, your sitting room, your garden etc. It should be good fun!

We have almost 2 WEEKS TO PRACTISE. The steps are really easy & repeated throughout the whole song. Below are links to the song.





LIMERICK LIVE 95 hope to publicise this and mention it on the end of the News. If you wish, you can video yourself dancing it and we will put on the website.

We have contacted a few other local schools and they are also delighted to get involved.

As well as celebrating the 6th Class Graduation, you will also get some exercise and have some fun! Enjoy!





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