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Virtual Notice Board May 29th

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What talent we have in Croagh National School. Well done boys and girls.

Some fantastic building skills from this young student. Check out this Chevorlet Corvette ZR1 Race Car made from Lego. Amazing.



Some yummy treats.  Its going to be a great weekend. Yippee.

What talented artists we have in Croagh NS!

Confirmation 2020 – 5th & 6th Class

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Bishop Brendan, and several priests around the diocese, will include a special Confirmation message and Ceremony of Light during live-streamed Mass on Pentecost Sunday, 31 May. Parents are invited to view the Mass with their children, participating in the Ceremony of Light (passing on the baptismal candle).

Bishop Brendan will celebrate Mass in St John’s Cathedral at 12 noon, live-streamed via
All are welcome to tune into the Cathedral Mass with the bishop.

Mass will also be streamed live from Adare Church at 11.30am and Kilmallock Church at 12 noon on Sunday.


Music Homework from James May 27th

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Music Sheet for 1st to 6th class

Music (1) (1)

1st Class Poem

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The First Class worked together to create this very silly tale about the horse from Croagh.



A Silly Animal Tale

by First Class – Croagh National School

There once was a silly horse from Croagh.

Nobody knew she was a horse because she had pink fur and ate biscuits every day.

She liked to cycle a bike, play the piano and sing songs.

Whenever she was excited, she would start speaking Polish.

Then she would feel happy.


Virtual Notice Board May 20th

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Miss O’Sullivan’s tomatoes and courgettes


Virtual Notice Board May 18th

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Thank you to one of our junior infants who sent in pictures to show us how they are learning what floats and what sinks. Fantastic work.








One of Mrs. Lawlor’s 6th class student sent in pictures of their recent work at home.  And some of it is good enough to eat!!!! Yummy yummy yummy. Well done to this student.  Absolutely brilliant.



































Relaxation Techniques for Children

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Breate – Self Regulation and Relaxation Techniques for Children _PDST

6th Class Students – Education Passport

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Can I kindly ask all 6th class students and their parents to complete the two forms below which we will forward to the students chosen secondary school. Once the two forms are completed we ask you to either email them to or pop them in the school letter box, once lock down restrictions allow you to do so.

I also attach a link to an explanation sheet outlining the whole process for those that are not familiar with the Education Passport for Pupils Scheme.

my-childs-profile_eng_2020 – to be completed by the parent(s)/guardian(s)

my-profile-2020 – to be completed by the student themselves

outline-of-transfer-process-2020 – explanation sheet

A Real Treat!

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Music Homework from James May 18th

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