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Christmas Greetings

Happy Christmas to you all.

Fabric and fibre art

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Clay creations

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Smartphones – information for parents

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Schools have been provided with information for parents relating to smartphones by an organisation called ‘Selfiecop’. ‘Thousands of kids will receive a new smartphone this Christmas. Yet 70% of phones are unmonitored by parents’. If you wish to review the information they provide, please click on the links below.

SelfieCop – explainer

SelfieCop – flier for parents

SelfieCop – flier for schools


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Christmas newsletter 2015


Click the above text to read the news of the first term.

Presentation of the Flag

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In preparation for the centenary of the 1916 Rising, Sgt. Troy and Fr. Madigan visited Croagh N.S. to present the Irish flag and The Proclamation. Calvin read from the Proclamation. Sgt. Troy presented the flag and a copy of The Proclamation of The Republic to students from infants and sixth class.  The flag will be raised in March 2016 outside the school.

Lime Tree Theatre

cns post on December 21st, 2015
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The children from Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class had a Christmas Trip to the Lime Tree Theatre. The took part in ‘The Elf Factory’, where they helped the elves to prepare for Christmas. They were delighted that Santa came along to check on the work they were doing.

Cappagh football trophies

The children from Croagh N.S. got a lovely surprise on Monday 21st December when the Cappagh football team and their trainer came to visit and they brought their trophies along. The children really enjoyed admiring the West Trophy, the County Trophy and the West League Trophy. Richarda past pupil of the school encouraged the children to do their best in all their sporting activities and that like their schoolwork, hard work will bring its rewards. Thanks to the boys for taking the time to visit us, and to Ms. Stokes for organising the visit. We wish the Cappagh football team and all the other local teams every success in the year ahead.



Flying Boat Museum

cns post on December 21st, 2015
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Students from 2nd to 6th class had an enjoyable and educational trip to  Flying Boat Museum in Foynes on October 23rd. For most, the highlight of the tour was getting to explore the replica of the flying boat Boeing 315 Yankee Clipper.

Nursing Home

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On Wednesday the children from 3rd to 6th class visited the residents of Adare and District Nursing Home. In the Alzheimer’s Unit the children sang some old ballads and entertained the the residents with music while in the main sitting room the performance had some festive favourites. Thanks to the residents and staff for their warm welcome, to Mr. Anglim and Mr. Hickey who came along to accompany the children and to the parents who facilitated the later collection time.