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Summer Newsletter

cns post on June 20th, 2014
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Newsletter to parents for summer holidays 2014

This link will take you to our newsletter and give you a snippet of some of the events that have happened in our school in recent times.

Literacy and numeracy strategy report

cns post on June 19th, 2014
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  As part of Minister Quinn’s literacy and numeracy strategy, the staff of Croagh N.S. have engaged with the School Self Evaluation process. In September, a school improvement plan in literacy was implemented. The average Micra T scores throughout the school have improved. The ‘Reading Buddies’ programme was implemented throughout the school. Confidence and reading levels improved throughout the entire school. A selection of reading material has been purchased.


A review of numeracy has taken place. This involved pupil input, analysis of records and teacher input. 97% of pupils surveyed reported that they enjoy maths and  90% feel that they are good at maths. In order to improve numeracy standards within the school, staff have agreed to allocate a daily time-slot to mental maths. Also, there will be an emphasis on improving success rates in the area of word problems. We are circulating the Department of Education and Science guidelines on maths to all parents at this time.