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Message from teachers – Homework for May 18th – 29th

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Notes for Monday 18th to Friday 29th May – Mrs Lawlor 5th & 6th

Work 18.05 to 29.05 Covid Mr. Wallace’s Room 2nd, 3rd & 4th

1st class 18th May to 29th (1) – Ms Tobin

2nd class 18th May to 29th (1) Ms Tobin

juniors May 2 work 2020  Miss O’Sullivan

seniors work May 2 set 2020 – Miss O’Sullivan

First class Work May 2 2020 – Miss O’Sullivan

Important information for parents – Zoom sessions between teachers and students

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Dear Parents,

This week, the teachers will hold a Zoom session with their classes. A Zoom session lasts for 40 minutes. This is not to check on work done but rather for mental wellbeing. As you may be aware Zoom has had privacy and security issues. If any problem occurs the teacher-(host) will shut down the session immediately.

We will not be recording the Zoom session and you should not record it either. This is in accordance with GDPR. Furthermore, we would appreciate if you do not take a picture of the screen as children’s faces and other identifying information will be visible. Two staff members will be present in each Zoom session. These measures are for GDPR and Safeguarding reasons. If these safety mechanisms are not implemented, it will not be possible to have any further interaction with the school using Zoom. We endeavour to do everything within our power to keep your children, their information and their privacy safe.

On the morning of each session, you will receive a link by text message inviting you to join a meeting. To join the Zoom session for your child’s class, simply click on the link at the scheduled time.

Mrs Lawlor will be doing a 40min session for 5th and 6th on Tuesdays at 1pm

Mr. Wallace will do his for 2nd 3rd and 4th on Wednesdays at 1.30pm.

Miss O`Sullivan will Thursday 1-1.15pm with Juniors

Thursday 1.30-1.45pm with Seniors

Thursday 2.00-2.30 with 1st

It is planned to have a weekly get together with our students- feel free to join any week you wish.

Monday May 11th – Information for Parents re upload of students pictures/writing on our website

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Dear Parents,

Just a quick reminder that we welcome your pictures and thank you for them. To comply with Child Protection procedure and GDPR issues we request that it only be a picture/writing. We do not upload pictures with names attached or identifiable pictures of the pupils themselves.

Again the email address is –


2nd Music homework from James

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Hi everyone.  Please see below a new music lesson from James.  The same lesson is for every class.



Music Lessons from James Anglim

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Hi all,

James Anglim has very kindly put together some music lessons for the students to practice at home.

1st Class

2nd Class

3rd Class

4th Class

5th Class

6th Class


Messages from the teachers – May 5th

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5th and 6th – May 5th to May 15th

2nd, 3rd and 4th – Work 05.05 to 15.05 Covid

2nd Class 5th May to 15th May- Marie

1st class 5th May to 15th May- Marie

Special Education Resources

First class Work May 2020

seniors work May 2020

juniors May work 2020